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Jun 14, 2013
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Do you have any first-hand experience with Var Reserve calves? What are they like? What type of cow do you breed him to? Do you have any photos? He looks real smooth with moderate growth.
I saw a few weaned registered heifers that I liked okay. Not real standouts in that bunch but nice heifers. I also saw some sons and got to watch them work all season as my neighbor in CA used to buy bulls from VAR. They were good looking bulls and held up well in some pretty rough country.
For me the big selling point is his RFI data. If I were going to use black angus (I'm not) to make replacements in my own herd he would be pretty high on the list and the feed efficiency is a big part of the reason why.
Like them. Good udders, and docile. Good depth of body, but not over powering. Milk can be a little high so make sure you have resources to feed them.
Thanks, CP...I think Reserve is flying under the radar. I think he is probably an above-average bull.
I appreciate the reminder for feed efficiency. I knew about Bruiser but I wasn't aware of Reserve.
Thanks, Wildcat, I was worried he didn't have enough milk with a +20 milk epd. The trend seems to be much higher milk or at least milk epds. I don't know how Traction can have a +55 milk epd.
The tractions I've seen make good amount of milk but aren't dairy cows. I hadn't looked at reserves milk epd for a while. Last I saw it was 30something but 20 now, I think they still have enough milk. It will be interesting to see how epds change with single step taking effect in July. What type of cattle are you looking to use reserve on?
I have a Sav Mustang cow who is out of the Emblynette line from SAV. She has a +32 milk epd.

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