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Yeah, that's where mine used to be. Now I just have "save draft" "preview" and "submit".
Nope. Nothing. I must be on lock down from that last pic of swollen genitals I posted.
There it is. I'm old.... I could swear it wasn't there a minute ago but that doesn't seem possible.... More likely I'm old.
You can borrow mine if you want - better hurry before I lose it again though....
Ive tried. I may have to contact an admin to help me. Perhaps it knew I was trying to post pics of my unregistered black Herefords and spotted sheep :help:
Son of a monkey! I don't have the "add image" button anymore either! Been wanting to post pics all day! Guess I will try the "img" button but Control V doesn't work too good on an iPhone lol
This morning when I posted the add image deal wasn;t there. I posted it then edited it and the button was there. Might give that a try if it isn;t there at first
Posted an image yesterday with no problem.
Tried this afternoon, the PostImage button was there, and the little upload box appeared, I selected the image on my HD, the box went thru it's upload routine and said "completed", but nothing ever appeared in the post.
Tried it in both Chrome and IE (Edge).
No go.

Something's afoot..

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