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Oct 13, 2008
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Eastern Plains of Colorado
Howdy all:
Welp, I had a teeny bit of time this afternoon, so I decided to get on the Mac and check out what I've been missing. For those of you who don't know, this past week was county fair. In fact, we just got loaded out of there today. It was a lot of fun, but thank goodness it's over! As for fair, my sister was great and I was slightly less awesome. :lol2: She was reserve champion market lamb showman, was second and third in her market classes with her two lambs, and won champion market beef showman. Kicked butt. I did have a couple good breaks. I brought a cow/calf pair to the fair and brought home the champion pair buckle. Pretty tickled, and I included photographic evidence. :) Angus cow with, here we go, a Lim-Flex heifer at her side. Red Bull Breeder, I seem to remember you made this comment:
Red Bull Breeder":1di6jmw3 said:
You got it all figured out now Blackcowz, until them Limflex calves blow your mind.
Pretty accurate. More on that later. I also won my class with my market hog and was able to net $760 on him at the 4-H sale. My sister sold a lamb and got around $400. All in all, a good week.

Well, here I go again. Many of you have given me advice on what I needed to do in order to accomplish was I was trying to do with my operation. One interesting thing I learned was that it really would be cool to be able to have an Angus seedstock herd (that is currently building right now) of maternal genetics and through A.I., bring in Limousine genetics to show prospective buyers how the full circle goes from maternal to terminal. Plus, I could have some "smokin' good" F1 cattle to market as well. Maybe that's not reasonable, and please say so if you think it isn't. I have also completely canned the "having a separate show herd" deal. I have finally figured out it's a lot easier to buy the color, sex, and type you want rather than trying to raise it when it comes to show steers. Anyhow, the cows are fat, calves are growing, and we are almost done getting cows A.I.ed. Really nice Sunday evening.

Here she is!


Congratulations on the "DIVERSIFICATION" of your Agricultural endeavors! It is very commendable to be able to do yeoman's service in a multitude of discliplines, and you and your sister (and Parents!) have proven yourselves -BIG TIME!