Tyson sues cattle feeder

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When talking about multi generational businesses you have to look at what needs to happen to keep them that way. I have a business and a small cattle operation, we have one grown son. He could join in but both of us would need to agree to live on less ( not going to happen). He has 4 kids so in order to keep it a 2nd or third generation family business we would need to have the vision to expand with the growing family. With expansion comes risk. These risk are going to be greater than the risk the first family took. I'm not defending the guy but that's just the facts. It's really easy to sit back and say the kids threw it away but unless you know the whole story you don't know what truly went on.
Old Europe, and some of the wealthy new Europe have a system for that.

All of the wealth goes to the first born son, or the husband of the first or only daughter.

Each subsequent sibling is allotted a fixed annuity for life. They go on to earn their own living or learn to live on the annuity.

That system has built considerable wealth over time.

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