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Aug 24, 2005
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Saskatchewan, Canada
I like twins, especially when they come all by themselves and you find them up and bouncing. We have had 2 sets in the last 3 days, a set of bull calves on Mar 31 and a set of heifer calves today. These are much better than the ones we had a week ago, which she had by herself, but were born dead.

The bull calves are a red one and a black one and the heifers are both black.

The nurse cow now has 2 calves on her, which is good, her calf was born on the 23 and weighed 78 lbs, when we brought them in to graft the twin on 8 days later he weighed 108 lbs. That is a gain of 30 lbs in 8 days or 3.75 lbs/day.

The second heifer calf is going to be our daughters 4-H calf this year. We will steal it in the next day or so, and put it on the bottle and Jordan can work with it. She doesn't want a steer calf that she would have to sell, so this works quite well for us.
Glad you've had good luck. I like them too, but only when they come out easy and are single sex. I've actually only had one set of twins with my Angus but when we were milking we had twins quite often, it almost seemed like they ran in families. I hate it when you get a heifer and a bull though, it would have been better to just have one in that case :mad:
Neighbors had a red brockle face cow that twinned monday. She was bred to a black Angus bull. One calf was solid black and one was red brockle faced like the cow. Black one lived red one was born dead.
Had a cow deliver a set of bull calves Monday that could have been registered. Born about 10 hours apart tho and those dam mexican buzzards got the one born last. Guess the cow took the oldest one and left the youngest. Guess this is what happens when you're not around to make sure things go ok.
I like twins to, got two sets one set on the cow and 1 little steer on the bottle doing great. :D

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