Tri axle trailer vs dual

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Jan 16, 2012
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I can get a dual axle 2006 model 24' cow trailer, or a tri axle 28' cow trailer it's a 2014 model. Only $1500 difference. I'm leaning to the 28'. Never had a tri axle. Any down side to the extra axle, other than 2 more tires to keep in service? I have "heard" the extra axle draws more attention from the DOT.
Bigger newer trailer sounds like a better bargain to me. My 28" triple axle has been good to me. Just don't turn it too sharp loaded heavy or could pull a back tire off the rim :2cents:
M-5":ud2oe4wx said:
The rear tire take a beating and wear quick if a lot of turning is done. just make sure the axle ratings are what your looking for . 2 7500# axles are better than 3 4500#

I agree. I like going to auctions where they have 3 axle trailers and buy them cheap and take one axle off.
True Grit Farms":1ytr4u74 said:
Bigfoot needs a big trailer to pull behind that big truck.

You caught me. My other one looks like a bear riding a tricycle.
Bought on Thursday, and sold on Saturday. Didn't even get a picture of it. Solda little bumper pull today as well. You gotta love horse people at tax refund time.
I owned 1, 40' flatbed 3 axle and sold it with in a year. I hated it, tight turns are hard on the suspension and pulling tires off the rims in a tight turn. If you have a flat, you cant "limp" it in to town. Just way to many suspension parts to upkeep compared to a dual tandem. More brakes to keep legal, bearings to keep greased, springs and hangers to keep up to working order
Personally I buy twin axle tandems or single tire, depending application. You can get tandems up to 15k each axle capacity if you need the capacity....that more than likely would be a special order though.
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