Travel for work?

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Sep 1, 2016
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Shenandoah ValleyVirginia
Hey Kenny; did you make the trip to Ct for work? How'd it go? Let us know what entertainment you managed to find!!! :secret: :secret:
Did you get to eat any good seafood? :?: :?:
Yes Jan, made it there and back home. I hate the northeast traffic. I thought of you when I passed your exit. Ate Lobster one night, some kind of fish in a sauce with lots of artichoke. Food is definitely different. Snowed on me after I got back near Wytheville, VA on Friday. Stayed away from the night time entertainment pretty much. They sure don't know good beer or Bourbon up there. Most places didn't even have Crown Royal.
Yeah, food is different up there and I grew up with it. But I am an adopted southerner after 35 years, doubt I could go back except for the occasional visit to family. The traffic gives me headaches every time I go. Further north where my folks retired to in NH and into Vt aren't so bad, but I like the more relaxed attitudes here. And even with the influx from DC and all the d*****d yankees coming down here, I still prefer it. This area has really grown up, would like to get further "away" from people, but not having a "significant" other makes a move less likely. Besides who would keep my son and the farming operation on track????? :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: Glad the trip went okay and that you made it up & back safe.

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