trapping with snares?

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greybeard":3e25eiu9 said:
Will a snare work under water? (Got too many dogs to be setting them on the ground)

GB you trying to snare those catfish now?
What is it this time otter or beaver?
I gave up the otters win here cheaper for me to get a catfish dinner at Catfish King.
The otters win.
More beaver. Saw two a few nights ago, before the heavy rains hit.
Found some recent slides where they are moving back and forth between ponds, but our dogs frequent that area too, so I don't want to set connibears near the bank or snares on top of the bank.
Yes they will work. Conibears work better under water but snares will work too. Put a dive stick (broom stick to baseball bat size) on the surface across its path to get the beaver to dive under it and into the snare. Be sure to anchor the snare real well as you will most likely catch it around the mid section and have a live beaver when you go to check it.
A foothold on a drowning rig is a "safe" setup. Dogs generally head for dry land and wait instead of diving like a beaver. It can be tricky to find the sweet spot for a foothold in a slide, but it's worth the effort. I'm a member of the 330 club, and I can promise you that you wouldn't want your wife's dog to land in one. My wife has a dog that likes to run, so all my K9 sets have to be rubber jawed and no kill snares. PITA.
I use 330's set under water with a diving stick or I put on my waders an set them in the runs. I have never caught a dog setting them like this and never had a beaver still alive. A couple weeks a go I caught a female probably close to 60 lbs. and could tell she had been being nursed then a short time later I caught the smallest beaver I ever caught. This little guy is not to big but the 330 still worked.

We would have put this one in the smoker but did not check the traps early enough and thought it may have been spoiled.
Most nights, not long after dark, my ponds have a mist on the surface. Cool water, warm nights or vice versa.
The green light on my rifle won't penetrate it, and my eyes sure won't.
I have some 330s, and a couple of foot traps, but my dogs make a circuit run all around the pond edges sniffing out what may have been down there the night before and they go swimming a couple times a day, even in January.

This is why I want to use snares, tho I have no real experience with them.

Dunno what these beaver are up to this time around. No lodge building, not plugging up drains either like last year. Seem to be content just to eat the lily pad rhizomes off the bottom of the ponds, but I know that 'good' behavior isn't going to last.
I don't have much experience with snares either as for using them on beavers, now coyotes that's a different story. I did have a real beaver problem a few years ago on a place that they never had controlled them before I bought it. I started catching them with the 330's but it got to where I was not catching any and knew there were still some beavers there so I had the government trapper out. He said this is no problem I'll have them out of here in a week, well a week went by and still no beavers caught, he was using conibears setting them the same way I had been, He told me they had gotten ''conibear wise'' so he switched over to snares and first night caught 2. one was a old big sow and that was all there was left in this pond. Every year I have some move in, pond sets on a creek that they travel, as soon as I see any sign of beavers I take care of the problem
My snares haven't killed anything. They only catch. I have caught a dog and it was none to happy but he was no worse for wear.
Just put a deer stop and a non-locking slide on it and have a pair cable cutters handy. Shouldn't have any dog problems.