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Aug 31, 2005
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Central Texas
What is the going rate for renting cattle trailers? What would you pay to rent one? What would you charge someone to rent from you? It would be locally and probably no longer than a week. What size of deposit should be expected?
Renting your trailer to someone? It would really depend on who and why. I wouldn't rent it to a stranger, and I wouldn't rent it to a friend.

A stranger would not have access to it and I wouldn't let a friend pay for it.
im with you ive never charged my friends anything for borrowing my cattle i doubt that id ever rent it out.
I wouldnt charge friends or family either, just kind of kicking around the idea. Don't really use the trailer much, but seen an ad that someone was needing to rent one and it got me to thinking. I have never had to rent a trailer, so I was wondering what kind of rates people charge to rent. I doubt I would do it, I wouldnt want it tore up. I would rather charge to haul them myself.
Local rental stores charges $100 deposit and $25 a day, deposit to be returned according to condition of trailer

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