Today's fishing adventure

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Jul 12, 2004
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Baker County, Oregon
I figured I had been working too steady for a retired person so today I went fishing. I was at the boat launch about 7:30. The boat was sticking about half off the trailer so I give an extra big push. Away it went but at the same time the bow line somehow came loose. There is a brisk breeze blowing so away goes my boat. Luckily it heads across this cove and not out into the main body of the lake. So in a couple hundred yards it hangs up in the lily pads off the other shore. No other people any where around. Some bank fishermen show up and say there will be someone along soon. Well it is Monday, not a lot of people out fishing. Two hours later another guy with a boat shows up. He gives me a ride out to my boat. I start it up and run 3 miles or so to the other end of the lake. The wind is bouncing me around so I move a couple times. Then the outboard dies and doesn't want to start. And the electric doesn't want to run. I figure the wind is pushing me the right way so I drift along fishing for a while. Then the electric decides to work. I pull into some old pilings from a log dump. A few minutes later I go to move and the electric decides not to work again. As I drift away from the pilings I decide to try the outboard again. This time it starts. I point it back toward the boat launch. It runs fine with the boat up on the plane. When I let off as I approach the launch it dies once more. I end up paddling the last 100 feet. It is now almost noon and I got in 10-15 minutes of fishing. It sure is relaxing to take a day off and go fishing.
I know the feeling, Dave. We bought a little johnboat right after we moved and every since then our best fishing stories all involve boat misadventures. For no more than we've gone out there's sure a bunch of them, too. I'm amazed at how much can go wrong with such a simple setup.
:lol: Bad when relaxation turns into more work than the work you were trying to escape.....but the bright side is you did make it off the lake. :eek: