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I know a guy near here who breeds longhorn cows to Char bulls. As 600 pound calves they look great. The trouble is they just don't preform that well in the feedlot. When you are selling a couple dozen at the sale yard who will know where they came from. When you are selling hundreds of them the feedlot knows where they came from and when they under preform that feedlot might not be willing to buy them in the future.
Therein lies the big difference: location.
I bought one Saturday 4 year old, 3 months bred for $410 that looked like the black and white cow but only weighed 740.
55 cents lb for pg cow coming into the prime of her life. Sounds like a great buy,
but sucks for the guy selling her and getting less than 50 cents lb after commission and trucking.

I'm with Dave in not wanting to be the guy who gets stuck trying to finish the calves.
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Personally I like the red, shows plenty of the brimmer side in her and I think she'd throw a good calf you couldn't much tell was a quarter corriente.

I agree on them making easy keepers, and there's nothing wrong with using a cheap oven to bake a bun. As far as the brimmer blood, eh, growing up under a brangus-simmental terminal cross roof you just learn to watch 'em. Why angus and not char if you don't mind me asking? I'm not knocking it, just seen a lot of people put chars on 'em.
I don’t mind you asking. I just ain’t ever put a white bull on then thought about it just never did it. I may give it s try come time to turn bulls in I’ll have to buy some Either way

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