The President gets caught telling another story

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I think I have a different definition of "family". By my definition a "family" (sister, brother, wife, son or daughter) would not have encouraged or allowed for Biden to run for office, let alone be elected. It seems very cruel and uncaring. I have seen friends that are dealing with dementia and alzheimers that go through the fears of knowing what is occurring, and the confusion it creates. I think it is unconscionable to put someone struggling with these conditions in a situation such as Biden is being subjected to. It is disgusting to hear the press shred someone who is basically helpless to defend himself. It is also hard to believe there is no graceful way to remove him from office and get a qualified person to look after our country and citizens. :(
I don't like Biden, but I couldn't get past "allegedly falsely"

That's just freakin' nuts. Some people's kids got no scruples
It is a disgrace that his family is allowing this.... it is elder abuse..... and the only way to get him out is the 25th amendment and no one wants to do it and the democratic party will not support it no matter what. This government is the laughingstock of the world....
It is really sad that he is in the shape he is in and we are watching this demise unfold. I am no fan of his by any means, but this is a disgrace.
Maybe the D in the party is Demented rather than Democrat. I'd vote for that several times by absentee ballots and under various names. Vote by the ballot or the boxfull. You know the old Demented Party saying: "vote early and vote often". And to think it used to only be a running joke. :rolleyes:
His family want him there for their own prestige, greed and power.
I heard somewhere that right after he got in, one of the reasons that they would do whatever to keep him there for awhile, is that his wife wanted to have one Christmas in the White house...bragging rights of some sort????

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