Texas SS and Sugar Cane Aphids

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Apr 14, 2017
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N. Texas
SCA hit me the first time in the first week of July in 2014, 30 miles S. of the Red River. I didn't plant SS again till this year. Planted April 1st and cut June 9. Yesterday, July 12, I saw the first infestation on the regrowth. Just happened to have the cutter on the tractor so, even though I didn't get the height back up to 1-3' depending on now much fert was available where, I got it cut. After I get it off the field it's plow the stubble back in.

Those in the know say to plant early and expect them up here later on in the year. Well I did and played dodge ball with the weather but at least I got a crop and more off before they hit me. I'd like to plant later giving time for the weather to dry out for harvest season but afraid to and don't like the idea of spraying with pesticides for a crop destined for customer's cattle if they invade before harvest. Besides my applicator's license expired long ago and saw no reason to renew it putting the recommended treatments out of reach.
Hit me heavy last year but late enough it wasn't a big deal. Saw some early this year, then a little hot dry spell seemed to stop them.
I've turned my cows in on regrowth after 2 cuts. Planted February 28.
I really think we need to spray anytime it might be effective. It's the only way we have a chance of slowing them down. And it's not going to hurt your cattle.
The biggest problem with spraying is these things hang out in the whorl. And on a 6 foot plant it's hard to get at em. But when they show in a young field. I say spray

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