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Apr 11, 2009
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This is my son's first year 4-H steer. He isn't no champion, but he is our starter calf. We have learned a lot. What do we need to do to be as competitive as we can? He is around 1045 lbs. now these pics are 30-45 days old. Thanks for any input!
He's not a bad little calf for your first one though. Looks pretty strong headed though lol, looks like he would be 'fun' to work with. He's so thick through the front isn't he.
He's a good first calf. Would like to see him a tick more level dow his top along with more depth in his flank. Would also like to see him cleaner fronted but a good clip job can help that out alot. Overall a nice thick calf. I would start feeding him some beet pulp to help fill that flank out.
Good beginner calf. Going off what Cowboy said, hopefully you guys can get that top level by pushing up on the belly with a showstick. Its kind of hard to see with the photo, but it kind of looks like he could be a bit round in the shoulder, hopefully you can clip that out. Good muscling, he looks like he'll be a thick one. Once again, kind of hard to be sure in the pic, but looks like he doesn't continue his muscling down his back legs. Up here, some judges have really been emphasizing that. Good luck to you, and keep us posted!

I havent seen one that wide and thick on these boards for a while.

I wish he were a little deeper in the rump, is the biggest thing I can fault him on, that may or may not improve with feed, exercise and development.

Three things I would do with him - keep feeding him (that sounds stupid but I mean to try and get that butt to develop a bit more), teach your son to hook him in the navel to straighten out the topline, and clip on his shoulders to fine him down in that area - he looks a little heavy in the shoulders at the moment.

But the most important thing, is your son looks like he is having a ball with him, and thats the biggest thing with first projects.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Pretty good steer. As others have noted, clean up his top and front. If showing soon, I'd show him on an empty stomach. He looks a bit gutty for a steer to me. Also work on the showmanship. He may a bit lazy topped. Get that stick under him and make him stiffen up.
hes a pretty good calf. i'd liek to see him a bit squarer in his hip and drop his flank down a bit. but he has a good width to him and stands well. good luck with him!
good first calf
as others have already said, trim him right back over those shoulders to clean him up in that area a bit. I can see you've left alot of hair on his shoulders- slick him right back there and blend from behind the point of the shoulder.
wow, he's a great steer, your son should be very proud of that animal.
If he walks as good as he looks, I see champ potential.............good luck :clap: Keep us posted.
Lot's of good comments on here. He does drop off on the hip quite a bit and is getting a little hay belly. Have you all poured him??? It appears he has been rubbing?! :(

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