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Apr 14, 2007
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Those Utah kids have got to be on top of the world today. Im not a big sports fan , but I really love it when an underdog comes through and makes those sportscasters eat CROW. What a game! Reminded me of the OK vs Arkansas Orange bowl 31-6, in that case they had to eat bacon. SOOIE
They should be the only undefeated team I believe. To bad they want be considered the National Champs when they deserve it. Just because they don't play in the Big 12 or whatever shouldn't keep them from being the # 1 team in the nation.
Watched the game and loved it. I like to see those teams sort of come out of nowhere and beat the big dogs. BUT, I doubt they could have beat OK, Texas, T-Tech and Missouri, not to mention Florida. But if I had a vote I'd vote them #1 just for the heck of it. :tiphat: to the Utes.
Even though I am a sooner fan, I would love to see the Utes play the winner of the FLA, OU game.
Keep in mind, that the Utes beat Alabama, a team that held the #1 spot for 5 weeks!! And, they beat the Crimson Tide, by a larger margin than Florida did!! I really think they should be considered #1. It is so very difficult to go undefeated in college football nowdays..
As I say again.. Playoff, playoff.. playoff....its the only way to settle it.