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Mar 10, 2004
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Manitoba, Canada
I tried asking about these Sussex cattle on this board back in early spring but couldn't find anyone who had personal experience with them. I'd like to know about their temperament, ease of calving, etc. They used to be a fairly common breed from what I understand and still are quite popular in Britain and South Africa. It says the Sussex Cattle Association of America is in Refugio, Texas. Is that close to anyone of you guys down there?
Hmmm... I'm in Texas, and I know where Refugio is, but I've never heard of Sussex cattle, or seen any in my life? Any other Texans?
looked up the breed, couldn't find a picture, says they are red with a white switch, if they were in a pasture I would probably think they were red polls.

addendum: found a picture:

i visted a large heard of Sussex cattle yesterday and from my understanding: they are not the easiest calvers and all of the 1st calf heifers are bred to a calving ease Angus bull. temperament is a gem. the herdsman who owns other breeds said they are the most docile cattle he has ever worked with and apparently just bought some sussex bulls for his own herd.

this place was in Arvada, Wyoming
The sussex cattle over here are very moderate, well muscled cattle with a lot of volume, very similar in build to shorthorns of old.

I have very little personal experience of sussex cattle, but wasn't aware of calving problems in heifers, or rather more than other British breeds. They are usually good milkers and sell well over here.

A neighbour of mine runs a sussex bull on a really mixed low quality bunch of cows and the calves always looks good.

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