steer weight

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What are you going to be feeding them the next 6 weeks?
Eat one and selling the other 2 for freezer beef?
What are your customers expecting?
I would think you'd want to feed them another 90+ days, but to each their own..
I just weighed a trailer load of heifers that didn't look must smaller than them, and they avg. 796.
I would go for the 850-950 range also.
How do you guys think they look I what do you feed your Holsteins Ive got them on half cracked half shelled corn and pellets and on grass.
The black steer in the picture weighed 1444 live weight and hanging weight was 866,took them in on Monday cant wait for steaks. :clap:
He must have weighed 1144 lbs in the picture
Since my guess was the closest and the only one over 1,000 lbs.... I win the prize?!?!
Guess you owe me... a package of 2 of his steaks and a pound of hamburger seems fair.
Where did you have him butchered? When should I come to pick them up?

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