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Dec 22, 2008
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Jackson MI
My friend and i are both 16 and are deciding to start our own little operation, and we both work on farms, i live on one a dairy farm, and he works on a cattle farm, so we both think we know what its gonna take to start this, we are going to start out with 4 angus calf's, and are going to build a lean-to this spring before we purchase the calfs, we have feed prices, calf prices, medical prices, a watering system, and how big the pasture is going to be all planned out, and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on some stuff that might help us get started :hat:
Since you have the infrastructure part fairly well worked out or at least planned out, develop your pasture/forage system to the highest quality you can. Forage species and quility, plan on using MIG to maximize your resources.
I'm editing this post because someone took my post way to hard and has gotten upset. I'm sorry to all that I have offended. I'm sorry.
First of all, I will explain that it was going to be a solo project to begin with and i suggested the idea to him for a couple of ideas, because where he works is where i was going to purchase my calf's from, he seemed into the idea, and explained to me that he wanted to do something like that sometime, So i decided that i would ask him if he wanted to share the cost of everything with me, he said yes, and we have been planning. We both are working and bringing in money to manage the feed cost, medicine, ect.

Second, The land is a old pasture from a barn that we are going to tare down this coming summer, and it is my family's land and they agree to let me use it as a project land, it is 5 acres, but i figured that since we wont use 5 acres for 4 calf's it could be divided up among 3-4 pastures.

My family also has a bunker silo that we can conveniently buy corn/hay silage from. Up the road is a Crop farm, and i have talked to them about selling small squares by the ton to us, we seem to have everything planned out, and we do have the money to peruse the project, so i don't see why we cant try.
Chase&ChoateFarm":10ny87cz said:
i don't see why we cant try.

I don;t either. Start small and get your feet wet and decide from there. Good luck
Don't listen to that to young nonsense or one day you will be to old. This type of education in priceless. You cannot buy it at any High School or University. Good for you and I wish you all the luck in the world.
Don,t get me wrong, also keep on going to school.
novatech":2nb1fw7s said:
also keep on going to school.
Haha, of course i need to keep going to school, i got to get a buisness degree when i graduate highschool, im inheriting a couple million dollar farm when my father dies, i need to keep that going. And i thank all of your who support me.
I did what you are proposing to get started. It didn't work out as planned for me, my buddy ended up finding out he was a father and needed money to support his new daughter and ended up selling a bunch of calves without my knowledge and he then moved out of state to be close to his daughter without even telling me. Didn't work out for me that time, but I would definitly do it all over again. We had a lot of fun thinking we were cattle barons.

My advise would be to go for it, but don't get in over your head because life happens and you never know how things will turn out.
Good luck. Sounds like this could be a very goood experience for you. I'm glad to see a 16 year old thinking and willing to work to achieve a goal.

Just plan things out and, as Dun suggests, keep your business relationship and friend relationships separate or they will both go sour.

WRITE DOWN YOUR PLAN AND AGREEMENT!!! You can not both be in charge of this operation. The post above illustratesw why you need to write down an agreement. One of you is in charge and one of you is the employee with responsibilities and compensation clearly defined - and signed by both of you. You each get a copy. Have your Dad look at it and make suggestions. But do make an agreement.

A key point to cover in the agreement is what happens when some one wants out.

This agreement will be the only way to preserve your friendship and business.

Go for it.
your starting out slow an you sure have thought things through by getting you a well as the feed hay an silage.get your fwnces in good get a pen to put the cattle in.
I was thinking of a Agreement plan, but is what i had an idea of was a partnership, and does that still include one of us being a owner, and one of us being an employe, because i dont want to make it seem like one of us have more of a say of what happens in this operation, considering on how we both have different viewpoints that we work out and balance the viewpoint? by the way, im looking for the response from SRBeef, or somone that has knowledge of partnerships and agreement plans
You're not too young. Go for it!

The best advice I could give you is for you to do it without a partner. You'll have enough problems with the cows.... sure don't need anymore from partners.

Welcome to the board. Listen, ask questions, and learn. Lots of people here will help you.
A partnership is in big interest though, because we both look at decisions and balence the different viewpoints, also the cost and profit is spilt, and im sure i wont have any problems from the partner im going in it with, we both have the same views for most part.
the best thing is to own the cattle 50/50.that way you both are equal when you buy feed its all 50/ when they are sold or butchered its 50/50.
You will be fine.
Write down every expense, so at the end you will see the money you lost... :cowboy:

Really its easy to get a big check and not know were it came from.
Take your time all will be fine.

I have given a small pasture close to my house (5acres and a barn) out before to city kids.
An without exception it has worked out. They learn alot that just cant be got out of a book.

At the end if you still love it, some do some like the "idea" of cattle....
Go for it!!!
Chase&ChoateFarm":2vgfl1k7 said:
A partnership is in big interest though, because we both look at decisions and balence the different viewpoints, also the cost and profit is spilt, and im sure i wont have any problems from the partner im going in it with, we both have the same views for most part.

All partnerships "begin" this way. Few in fact work out but best of luck to you.

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