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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
The boss finished clipping the sale cattle last Sunday, I didn't help since I am still trying to get over the crud. I did however run over and get a few photos late this evening. It was starting to get dark so not the best photos.

The first photo is of Lot 67 and her bull calf by OCC Paxton 730P. She has sure done a nice job with this calf.

Lot 65 a Coleman EXT 6149 daughter, I love our 6149's these cows just work, she is safe to Resource.

Lot 67 Gizmo Blackcap 1263 112 6149 another 6149 daughter, safe to Recharge.

Lot 66 Gizmo Pride 1203 1007 904 a Coleman Regis 904 daughter safe to Renown

Lot 66A a really nice heifer calf by Recharge, I really like this heifer.

Lot 65A a Matrix bull calf that has a lot to offer.


Lot 65 - 1134 was born on 10/12/2011. She is a solid producer 4 calves with a weaning ratio of 92 and a yearling ration of 97. It was getting to dark to get a really good photo of her Matrix bull calf but he is pretty nice.

Lot 66 - 1203 has three calves recorded she has a weaning ratio of 101 on three calves and a 106 on two calves. A young cow in her prime that is really going to make a good one.

Lot 67 - 1263 another young cow that is doing an excellent job she has had three calves with a weaning ratio of 110 and two with a yearling ratio of 96.

They sure are shiny and pretty. Good luck at the sale. I really like the heifer out of Recharge. She is sporty looking.
Thanks DAC and JSCUNN

The Pride cow family has been a good one for us for sure. The 1134 cow is a daughter of our 525 cow. 525 is a Pathfinder that is still going strong, the only negative I can find on 525 is her udder but as you can see 6149 fixed that on her daughter.
Coleman EXT 6149 is without a doubt my favorite bull that we have ever owned. He did so much right, I am down to 70 straws of semen left on him in the tank and I am treating them like gold. We have 21 daughters in the herd and a few more coming this year that I sure hope will be heifers. The 1203 cow goes back to the 525 cow, through her pathfinder daughter 811. We have been blessed with several daughters out of both 525 and 811 and have found that the maternal power if for real in this cow family.

Jscunn you know I am not into showing, but dang I would love to see a junior get hold of that heifer and show her. She is a fancy heifer for sure, I think she is pretty sporty for sure.

Great looking cattle! I really like Lot 65 cow and the Lot 66A heifer. Both of the bull calves are also quite impressive.
We processed the three calves going to the sale this morning with final round of shots and weaning measurements. The lot 65A calf weighed 814 pounds Lot 66A 640 pounds and lot 67A weighed in at 884 pounds. Really nice set of calves.

We also weighed the three cows Lot 65 1605#, Lot 66 1305# and Lot 67 1425#

Gizmom the bull I saw that had the white patch in front of his scrotum was a Recharge son. He was a very good calf. Again I feel the only reason he was available was the patch. If we needed a bull we would of likely bought him.

The 1339 bull has some white if you look just in front of the scrotal the 1221 bull has a bit. Like I said it doesn't bother me a bit but I am sure some don't want any. My favorite heifer calf this year D29 has white on her udder but she is still my favorite. I can't imagine passing over a quality bull or heifer because of white that falls into the association guidelines.

This is the D19 heifer, I imagine when she bags up she will have quite a bit of white on her udder.


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