Sour Dock

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May 8, 2017
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Can anyone tell me how poisonous sour dock, or any dock is to cattle and goats? I have it growing all over my far pasture. Horses dont touch it, but cows and goats do. How dangerous is this weed? (Note next year i will spray for it come winter and spring
I have sprayed it several times..takes forever to die off as roots are very thick and deep...
The internet says it is toxic to all Ruminants. I have some curly dock which I think is the same or at least a close relative. I spray it with whatever I have in the sprayer. It starts to wilt pretty quick but does take a long time to go away. Cows won't eat it unless they are starved. I would spray it now and then again in the spring.
Here is some good info ... urly-Dock/

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