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Oct 6, 2017
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Hey all so I just got my first bottle calf yesterday! He is about a week old and obviously a boy lol. Well yesterday when I went to look at him he seemed happy and healthy but now since he’s home he doesn’t seem so good :| he ate half a bottle last night and half a bottle this morning but that’s all he’s wanted to eat and all he does is sleep and his poop is like water. I gave him some electrolytes last night and this morning so he doesn’t get dehydrated. Do y’all think I should take him to the vet does he sound too sick? I honestly have no idea what to do since this is my first little guy

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Nov 4, 2004
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Yes, you need to involve a vet. The vet can diagnose what and why he's sick. It could be e-coli or any number of bacterial or viral "germs". The electrolytes are not bad, but he also is in need of proper medication.

Do you have a thermometer to take his temp? If so does he have a fever? Is his breathing labored? Is his heart racing or slow? What color is the watery poop?

Once he gets straightened out, be sure the milk replacer is a 100% milk product, not soy. At least 20% fat, 20% protein.

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