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Jan 2, 2015
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Bought my first bull back in March, he was a little over a year old when I put him on 15 cows for around 75 days. My problem is he got run down and I can't seem to get him back up in shape. When I pulled him off he went to a friends pasture with another yearling bull and got feed but they kept getting back into the pasture with his cows. I finally got him to my place and is in a pen with a heifer and have been feeding him LoneStar bull and heifer developer for about 2 weeks now. I'm starting to get worried that something could be wrong with him. Today he seems a little sluggish and has been drooling and panting. I am new to all this and don't want to lose him. Any help is greatly appreciated. Pictures are the day I put him out, the day I took him off, and today.

You need to get him to your vet, especially since he's been with another herd. I'm assuming he has a temp if he's drooling & panting. Have you seen him eating & drinking? My initial guess would be pneumonia but definitely not enough info provided other than the pics. (TT, Wow is right!)
Yes I have watched him eat and drink almost everyday since he has been at my house. I was thinking he wasn't getting enough food while at my friends place due to the other cows eating also but he hasn't changed at all since we pulled him.
It's definitely a good idea to get a vet to check him out. But your not going to see a noticeable difference in the bulls appearance in two weeks on feed. If it took a bull 2 months to get run down, it'll take him 6 months to get back.
Since he has been at my house he has been getting about 25lbs of lonestart bull and heifer a day and I have hay and a tub out there
He was pulled from the cows in June (2nd picture) and hasn't changed much till today (3rd picture)
He just got there 2 weeks ago, I know it's not great but it's all I have for now. He has been on pretty good grass since pulled.
Hunting326":2ily9h0i said:
He just got there 2 weeks ago, I know it's not great but it's all I have for now. He has been on pretty good grass since pulled.

I wasn't trying to be insulting. Were all on winter pasture
Just saying , every time I've put a young bull on cows with declining grass he's gotten rough looking. Im not going to say Don't check with the vet, do.
I know you weren't and I didn't take it that way. I will load him tomorrow and take him to a Vet just didn't know if there was a better one than the other around me.
I had a similar experience a few years ago. Bought a couple of bulls from a registered outfit. They looked great when I brought them home. 60 days out with the cows and they looked awful. They never got over it. I believe young bulls are pushed too hard-too much grain-and it does irreparable damage to their liver. They look more like a cow than a bull. I sent mine to town and bought from someone else.

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