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As a seed stock producer of Limousin, I personally try to help educate the buyers of my bulls. I help inform them of changes in our State health reg.s and any new changes or practices that can help add value to their calf crop. But I am in a very small minority of producers who do. We need all the small and large opperations to teach their customers about BQA, and practices that greatly improve the value of the harvested product, BEEF. Recently I visited with a bull buyer who told me he gets his management advice from his brother-in-law; who is an order buyer. He told him don't bother castrating or de-horning, you wont get any extra for it. In total contrast to BQA, which recommends cattle be castrated (bulls), dehorned, vaccinated, and implanted in addition to preconditioning cattle on grass or feed for a short time according to their age be they stockers or feeders. To produce more pounds of beef at weaning while reducing stress post weaning, and getting cattle on feed fast to increase gains and finish weight at the right harvest point. We can all make a difference if we each contribute to the education of people within the idustry. There are still lots of folks out there in the business who think its OK to hit them in the top but with 16 ga. needles. I personaly would enjoy driving several of those (used) into their buts, to give them a taste for what they are doing to the cattle. Shots should be given Sub Q when possible, and always in the neck, or in the fold of skin behind the fore legs when given sub-Q. IV Meds are best administered via the juggular vien in the neck, if you can't do it get someone who can, like a vet. I just read Wes Ishmael's article on the fron page of this site. I have known Wes since I was a junior showman some 16 years ago, he is a very good writer, an honest person and he hit the nail on the head with his article. Read It, if you haven't yet!

We should be very thankful this magazine and website exist for our benefit and utilization.

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