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Black and Good

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Dec 27, 2011
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Eastern Kansas
Later today, I'm going to be going and getting a used cattle scale I purchased from a guy. Any advise on how to block it up or haul it? I'm not sure if those weight censors should be floating or just strap in down on the sensors? I know this is probably in the wrong place but I thought it would be seen quicker here. Thanks B&G
I would block them some way so that the can;t bounce around. Our scale is a portable on a trailer and has levers on the side to lock the load bars from moving
Thanks dun, I got her home. I just set it on the trailer on its own feet and strapped it down with ratchet straps not overly tight. I figured that pressure would be less than a large cow etc. Hope I didn't hurt it. I can't see how it would have. Thanks B&G