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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
We have 17 head selling at the Maternal Gems Angus Sale on May 9th. With the COVID—19 virus, quarantine and cattle markets in an uproar those of us in Agriculture just keep on keeping on. I bring this up to ask anyone on CT going to sales? Hopefully we will turn the corner on this virus and find our new normal soon. If you get a chance check out our sale, you might find that this is the perfect time to jump in on a new genetic line. Check out the sale catalog,

Stay safe!

Our (VA) BCIA Bull Test Sale was held back in late march/early april. About 2 weeks prior to the sale, they had to switch to a 100% online format. They used remote sites (mostly Extension offices, but some other sites were used) to conduct online bidding for those who did not have access to HS internet. Buyers could watch and bid from home if internet was good enough. Overall, the sale was a huge success, given the current circumstances. Bulls sold well, despite the last minute changes and market in a nose dive. I wish you the best Gizmom, and hopefully your sale will also be a big success. Keep us posted, and good luck!
Hoping the best for y'all sale. I ain't been to any sales of any kind except to practically give some pound cows away a couple weeks ago. Our stockyards are not allowing anyone except known order buyers and approved buyers is the terminology used. There have been some purebred sales that have changed venues from a farm arena to the stockyards. I figure that is so they can have it online. Haven't heard any results from the ones that have already been.
Definitely having to think about things a bit differently, we have all of them clipped we will video tomorrow so all will be ready. The boss is proud of me I have been working at downsizing to the extent he actually believes me now. Two trailer loads headed out on Saturday 31 headed to their new home in North Alabama. Two very sharp young men purchased this group, I look for them do do well, and I'm not saying that because they purchased from us, I am saying it because I was impressed with them. They have a short and long term plan and a passion for agriculture and an excellent eye for cattle. I will let y'all know when the videos go up y'all can let me know how they look.

We got the videos done

We have lots 25; 25A, 26, 26A,37,38,40,41,42, 61,61A, 62, 62A, 63, 63A 64, and 64A

In the sale report I think I noted a glitch in the herd reduction program! :lol: #6 would have been on my short list, too.

Sometimes you just see one you can't live without lol! She is a pretty good rip, not much to dislike at this point. Of course the proof will be if she does a good job with her calf then breeds back, but for now I'm just basking in the possibilities! I had my eye on some embryos that were being auctioned tonight felt I had budgeted pretty high on them. Apparently I had budgeted low, I kept bidding to 1500 over my budget and still didn't come close. A guarantee of 6 embryos to the bull of the buyers choice sold for 16,500 needless to say I wasn't the buyer.

We have 11 lots in the Maternal Gems Sale, just sent two trailer loads of cow calf pairs and bred heifers to north Alabama and have 5 to load out for Pennsylvania on Thursday so the boss is letting me buy one or two. We really are trying to downsize.

This is the lot 6 Eb was referencing just a beast of a heifer.


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