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Sep 6, 2004
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I posted this in the Sales Board, but I'm posting it here as this board gets a lot more traffic.

Tonight (Saturday, March 21, 2009), at 6 pm Superior will be televising the Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V. It will actually be more of a 2 hr "show" about longhorns and the longhorn industry, that is shown live from the Legacy Sale. Pam Minnick and my good friend Larry Barker (General Manager of the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour) will be hosting the show. What I am really proud of is that the Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour will have 7 spots in the show. Each spot will feature an interview (or 2) with people that are in some way affiliated with the Youth Tour, either through judging cattle or the speech contest, breeding cattle, being a teacher or having kids participate in the program. Also, the spots will highlight some of the action that goes on in the show ring, the speech contest, and each spot will conclude with one of the Top 7 teams in the Team Penning contest. I was able to work first hand in developing and putting together the spots for the Youth Tour.

I encourage everyone to watch if they have a chance. If not, you can go to www.AutobahnYouthTour.com and see the spots that will be featured tonight, plus video of other interviews and a lot of the actual show. The Youth Tour will give away about $240,000 to kids in scholarships. 100% of which goes directly to the kids. A lot of emphasis (and money) is being put towards the aspects of the show which focus on the kids, and not as much the animals, such as Showmanship, the Speech Contest, Team Penning, Judging Contest, Essay Contest, Art Contest, and the Short Course (a quiz related to cattle, civics and current events). There are a lot of opportunities there for kids, even if they don't have the best animal. Money is paid 5 deep in each class, with no class having more than 10 animals, paid 4 deep in each of the 8 showmanship classes (4 divisions, 2 heats in each division), paid 4 deep in each Speech Contest division. One young girl won $2,500 before she even competed in a class with a calf. She won showmanship and got $1,000 and then won her Speech Contest got $1,500.

Its really a great program that I am truly proud to be associated with. If you have any questions at all about the Youth Tour please don't hesitate to ask me anything.


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