Retained placenta??

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Mar 21, 2017
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Alberta, Canada
Our Dexter calved yesterday morning, we have raised plenty of horses overy the years but this is our first Dexter baby! Mama appears to have a retained placenta, I have read up that most people usually just give the cow time to pass it and monitor close, give antibiotics if question to all you experienced calvers, is this for sure a retained placenta?? I know the dangling down part is, but the bulge at the top had me second guessing (possible prolapse?). Our vet has been called to come out and is going to maybe come tomorrow night...he's not in too big of a rush to check her. And yes, mama is moving around fine and perky! Thanks for any extra insight! ☺
either that or prolapse. if she let ya give the stringy stuff very sslight pull dont pull hard either way it will be ok prolapse will happen .the only time a vet gets in a hurry is dinner time !