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Aug 2, 2011
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Been a few recent post about Charolais. For those of you in the know, where would you go to get a start with a handful of registered cows? Preferably in the southeast, but not a deal breaker . I mean the ones that have plenty of milk and can raise a heck of a bull calf.
Im going to go out on a limb here and guess that you are located in the middle of Tennessee? If so there are lots of reputable breeders right in your home state. There is even one called MidTen Charolais.

If you want me to give you some names in that area, or beyond send me a PM. I dont want to make a full list of all the breeders in the country here, but I can give you a start if interested in buying off the farm.

There are always registered auction sales going on too. Many of them now a days are on DV Auction, and have shipping available for around $3-400/hd. If you are not in a big hurry there will be several sales a week probably starting around March. Its a little slower untill then, but still some sales going on.

If you go to CharolaisUSA look for the search icon. When you select that, there is an option for sire/dam locator. If you use that you can limit the search to cows bred in your area I think, plus you can plug in all the EPDs you would like to have IE milk. The breed average for milk is around 8 by the way. If you see a cow with a milk EPD of 20, she will throw it down like a holstien. Just remember everything has a cost, and the more milk you select for the more inputs she will require. I have started to think breed average of 8 and up to maybe 12 is kind of the right numbers for milk epd. That should give you enough to raise a calf without having the cow milk herself to death without feed, or the associated breeding difficulty's of a stressed mama cow.

If you look at some of the pedigrees there, select the tab for EPD. Once you do that on the individuals page, scroll down. There will be a chart near the bottom of the page. The numbers in the middle will be the 50th percentile, to the left the bars will be blue and they will go from 50th to the 100th percent of the breed(worst), the number to the right will be green and go from 50th to the top 1% of the breed. With EPDs, my advise is to avoid extremes in either direction.


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