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Jun 27, 2016
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It was a little while back that somebody had started a thread about a book that you could use to keep track of all the breeding info for your cattle. Can somebody tell me what book that was. I have tried to search for the thread but didn't have any luck.
:wave: depends how many head you got started out with simple note book from dime store made some columns with a ruler
tag /birth date/aprox weight/vac/ect.. but you can get that off some university web site county extension agent can help you
like i said i started out note book got a computer for the family in the mid 90s thought i would put all on there ..well good idea anyway hit the wrong button lost it all ! good thing i still had them note books. now i let some one else do the computer thin0g
I see a form advertised in the Gulf Coast Cattleman that has most of what you need preprinted on heavy paper. If nothing else it will give you some ideas on how to lay one out.

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