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: I have found this on KTGF News 16 website and they had an interesting articles that I woiuld like to have secondhand opinion. I think this will be great as for expanding the market worldwide Our own country have become selfish enough lets share our thoughts and information to the world as they are people as like us They have equal rights as we do. This will be a great move in the marketing of cattle. I want to hear different views from others and how they think of this This will be a good discussion as I am getting tired of is the article:Cattle <p>: Genetics Trade Mission to Mexico <p>: HELENA - Marketing department staff of the Montana Department of <br>: Agriculture will travel to Sonora, Mexico the end of this month to promote <br>: Montana beef cattle genetics. <br>: The Montana Department of Agriculture is working cooperatively with the <br>: Arizona Department of Agriculture and several other western states on this <br>: trade mission promoting Montana and U.S. beef cattle genetics at the Expogan Sonora, April 27 to April 30, 2000. <br>: “This is an excellent opportunity for Montana’s seedstock industry and the <br>: Department to reach a large number of Mexican cattle producers in a short <br>: amount of time. The Expogan Sonora is an ideal venue to promote Montana’s premium beef cattle genetics,” says Ralph Peck, Director of the Montana Department of Agriculture. <br>: Approximately 1200 cattlemen from in and around the Sonora region are <br>: expected to attend the Expogan, which will be much like a Mexican version of the annual Montana Stockgrowers Convention. <br>: Montana producers are invited to attend this event. The Montana Department of Agriculture is willing to distribute pamphlets and information at the Expogan on behalf of producers unable to attend. <br>: For more information about the Expogan and the trade mission, or to forward <br>: information for distribution at the Expogan, please contact Brent Poppe, <br>: Marketing Officer for the Montana Department of Agriculture at (406) <br>: 444-2402 or via e-mail at [email protected]. <p><br>: thanks for the opinion in advance!!!!! <p>I believe everyone should do alot of research on the impact of what they do,before they go off and try to improve someone else,somewhere else.Will Montana breeding stock do will in Mexico?It's been tried before.
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