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Caustic Burno":2md7oagf said:
It has rained here all day slow and steady with nonstop thunder and lightening. Should be able to hear the grass growing tomorrow.
Hard a real turd floater here last night and part of the morning with almost nonstop thunder and lightening. Flooding everywhere but very little hail or high winds. Should have a heck of a new crop of skeeters.
I have been restocking deer hunting supplies all day. Been nice listening to the rain on the tin roof of the man cave
AC didn't come on all day.

I am out of double aught and No1 buck now going to place an order with BPI
Dun we got 3/4 an inch long and slow today every drop soaked up.
Yesterday's 1/2 inch came down in about 10 minutes and most of it ran in the creek.