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I know hay should be cut and baled without rain on it if possible. I saw a local farm supplier cut a coastal bermuda field in the morning and by afternoon it was rained on very heavy. This mowed hay laid on the ground for a week or more with rain every day. My question is this: If hay gets this much rain on it, is it any good? Should it be used for mulch or be sold as #1 coastal bermuda at the farm supply?
That happened to us last year. The hay was cut with a weather forcast of light showers that night and clear afterward. Well it rained for a solid week with cut hay on the ground. When it finally dried out it was baled and we fed it to our cows with no problems last winter.


I certainly would not sell hay like that to anyone and would be shocked to find it at a farm supply store.
I would agree, I also would not feed it for Winter forage, as much of the nutient value is gone, we would use forage like that for mulch along the banks of our bass ponds to prevent erossion, not as a feed source, or sell it to the highway department to much up for errosion control along the sides of new roads,

Don't keep it or have it on the place, it looks bad and wont be good for anything but mulch

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