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May 31, 2015
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East Central Georgia
Had a cow to calf yesterday morning with no problems. When I got there the calf was just born, cleaned off, and Mom was encouraging him(big bull calf) to nurse. Placenta material hanging from cow's vulva appeared normal. I went back about 5 hours later to check on them again. The cow now had a softball sized water bag hanging out. If I had not known that she had already calved, I would have thought she was just getting ready to do so. This morning when I turned them into the grazing, the water bag is about baseball size or a little smaller. I've not seen this before in any of my cows. Is this sometimes typical of ridding the placenta? Should I be too concerned? Didn't think to take a picture. Maybe I will, if it's still there, when I go back later to get them out of the grazing.
That's what I was thinking but....Other than that she seemed normal. She was ready to get into the grazing this morning since she missed out yesterday. Obviously, her hay yesterday wasn't as satisfying.
Watch her to insure that she pees. I've seen the bladder pooch out like that when the couldn;t pee. Had to reach in the vagina and shift it around a bit and the pee just flooded out. Could almost hear her say "AHHHHHH"
Got a quick video of her this afternoon and you can briefly see what I was talking about. (Click on the link below.). Also look at the calf and its front left leg. I'm hoping that will straighten out over time. The cow is pretty good sized and I wouldn't have thought she would have had a hard time with a big calf, and he is a big one. ... I9PkKAKLaX

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