Question for Pig Hunters

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Nov 19, 2011
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cow pollinater":3nfj2ubx said:
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That's a good story CP. How about a picture of the man killer.
No can do... I don't carry a camera when I leave the house because I can take fuzzy pictures of my thumb right here in my chair and I don't carry my phone at the ranch since it's no good there.
Hoss posted a pig pic around here somewhere today. Look at that, add about a hundred pounds and make it pitch black with a welt up the side of the head and you'll get the idea.

Gotcha! He sure is ugly but he don't look so mean to me. ;-)


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Aug 16, 2010
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Western Oklahoma
We have been dealing with them since the 90's around here. Before that, they were non existent.

A lone boar would be a different situation, but when we have packs of them running through the thick brush, I have never had much of a problem getting in close to them by just listening to all the grunting without getting into trouble. I just watch the wind and plan an approach from down wind. They are blind as you know, but they can smell better than a dog and hearing is okay as well. Long as you stay downwind, all is okay.

I agree with the shotgun and buck shot theory for close quarters. I have been the most successful with that in generating number of dead pigs/per outing. Long range, any accurate rifle above a 22 works fine. If it doesn't stop it automatically, I don't care as long is it just stops it in the near term.

I have killed a sow that was right around 200 with a shotgun loaded with 2 shot. It was not by design. I was turkey hunting and she ended up way to close and it was all I had.

I also like the dog theory. I would hate the thought of using my own dog to do that, but if someone that had the inkling I wouldn't stop em.