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Aug 9, 2009
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We have been succesfully raising dairy goats for a while now and had the opportunity to buy some registered miniature Zebu cattle for an excellent price from some people who were moving out of state. We purchased 4: 1 bull, 1 heifer, and 2 cows. The size of the cattle is good for our small acreage. We were advised by the former owner that we should worm them when we get them home due to stress of the move etc.(THat is also standard practice for moving goats). SInce we do not have a chute or cattle worker set up yet, we gave them shots of Ivermec in the trailer. Ivermec should be given SQ, but IM is all we could manage. IS that OK? I plan to fecal them in 10 days and worm them again if necessary.
Also, we have had excellent results in our dairy goat herd by copper bolusing them. SHould we do the same for the cattle?
Ivermec should be given SQ, but IM is all we could manage. IS that OK?

is it ok? well, it's a little bit late to be asking now. remember that cattle are food, not pets. the muscle of cattle is the part that people eat. why on earth you would think that it's ok to inject a dewormer into the muscle is a mystery to me. would you want to eat that? i would suggest that you use a pour-on product next time.
You may get more response to your question taking it to the health and nutrition topic. Leave out zebu in your question as it will cause a lot of people not to read it. Just not a lot of people interested in zebu. Also, being zebu is not relative to the question.
I would imagine the manufacture had their reasons for administering the wormer sq. I do not think you hurt anything though, other than some meat.
that's a better response than mine, novatech. upon reading mine again, it seems to be somewhat...gruff. :oops:

i agree that it shouldn't hurt anything. even the meat will probably get over it with time. my apologies for sounding gruff, catdance62. you have found the best place on the internet to learn about cattle. and there is always somebody asking about goats, so you can contribute a lot, too. welcome. (and until you get facilities built, try a pour-on ivermectin next time. in about 3 weeks would be good.)
irked":15i6fxhm said:
even the meat will probably get over it with time. )


I've seen the autopsies in which shots were given in different areas, some done right and some done wrong. When you hear the advice about giving the shots only in the triangle shaped area of the neck, listen to it.

Shots ruin meat.
thank you very much. I will try to learn the proper protocol about asking questions. I realize that cattle are not goats and vica versa; I am currently reading all I can about raising healthy cattle online and in print. We do not plan to eat these cattle but breed them and sell the offspring and possible milk them (with any luck), but next time we will definitely use a pour-on wormer. I will not worm them again without performing a fecal test.
Just spoke to the vet and he does recommend copper bolusing the cattle twice a year. We have found in our goats that copper bolus has greatly lowered their worm loads for longer periods of time, helped them gain weight and also maintain weight when being milked, and improve coat lustre. I hope it does the same for the cattle.
Thanks again.
catdance62":20scz3li said:
I will try to learn the proper protocol about asking questions.

Proper protocol? :mrgreen: Just jump in and ask what you wish. It's helpful if you use the search feature to find if a question has already been asked, but you're welcome to ask whatever. Just be ready to receive the responses.....

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