PZ Falazet 230

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Mar 20, 2011
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S.E. Queensland, Australia
I picked up this disc mower at an auction on the weekend for $200 because it was cheap and I am cheap also. I am after something to condition my forage cereals when I mow them and am hoping this will help out. I spoke to the guy who sold it and he assures me it works fine and has been using it on lucerne (alfalfa), he just upgraded to bigger self propelled mower conditioner.

Does anyone know anything about this type of conditioner if it will crimp the stems of my oats and millet enough to speed up the drying. It seems to have a ribbed steel roller and the bottom roller has ribs of conveyor belt rubber that flicks the forage up and forces between the grooves of the steel roller.


I believe they are bout the same as a Hesston 1030 which were fairly good in their day if in good shape...They are heavy for a 3-point and parts may be scarce and very expensive if you can find them.......

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hesston-1030-PZ ... 2283861889


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