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bird dog

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Nov 28, 2006
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Navarro County, Texas
A question for you folks that use a pour on for fly or lice control. On light weight calves do you use a regular pour on type auto fill gun? My problem is that the regular gun dispenses such a large volume that it is hard to work with just the small amount of fluid that is requrired on a three weight calf. It works good for 20ML on a cow, but needing just 5ML on a calf I really need a smaller nozzle to get it to spread all the way from the face to the tail. Thanks in advance.
I kept an empty Dectomax jug and put my pour on lice dope in it and use the Dectomax gun for metering.

As an aside, the Dectomax gun and tubing make a great siphon to get diesel out of your pickup tank if your tractor inconveniently runs out of diesel. :cool:
Well thanks for the responses but my question is not being understood. Let me try again.

What I am having trouble with is the small amount of pour on liquid required will not go far enough using the gun. I can dial it down but too much comes out at once. You can't hardly feather the trigger down to get a small stream.

I used a syringe today to try to make it easier to get a better coverage but that is kind of messy. With lice, I am trying to get some on the forehead and up the back . 6ML just doesn't go very far especially with the calves having a winter coat.