Pond Vines Covering My Ponds

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May 8, 2016
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This year, two of my cattle tanks began growing a floating plant, green leaves red stem, that spreads like a vine from the edge to the center. I'm not sure if I should treat the pond or be indifferent to the vine. These are about ¼ acre ponds, but there are no cows on the property this year.

Here is how the pond looks like.

I did some searches but did not find answers. If a thread already covers this, please point me to it. Thanks in advance.

I'd treat it with herbicides and if possible lower the water level a foot or so in the winter months and limit cattle access to the pond if you care about fishing.
I don't see any thorns on the vines. I'm wondering if in the absence of cattle these vines began taking over. They look like something cattle may eat.

I don't really care much for the fish population since these are stock tanks. I just don't have cattle in the pasture this year.
I can't tell but it looks like what they call common pond weed. Does it have a willow shaped leaf that lays flat on the surface?.
Roundup will kill it. If you care about your fishing do just a little at a time so the dying vegetation doesn't deplete your o2.

Fwiw cattle will eat pond weed. They also muddy the water which inhibits submerging vegetation growth.
Thank you Callmefence. I have the suspicion that since I don't have cattle in the property the pond weeds are going crazy.
I got two cows who would love that they think they are hippos swimming around eating pond weeds. Last year I had a small pond get over grown those two cleaned it up rest of my cows don't care for it. This year the weed didn't come back near as much.