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Jan 29, 2009
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south jersey
Hey everyone. I am just getting into using Ai on my polled herefords. I actually just finished taking selectsires Ai class. A very good class but definetly geared towards dairy here in the northeast. I have been looking at all the bulls selectsires and abs have to offer. Now I see selectsires bulls are definetly cheaper and most dont require certs. Abs has a larger selection but all require certs and are about 5 bucks a straw more for practically the same genetics as some selectsire bulls. Anyone have any reccomendations on company or bulls to use on heifers? I was leaning towards Karat and Bennet from select or Proficient and Progress from abs. Any opinions would be really helpful. Thanks.
Dont limit your self to select sires and ABS. I personally like STAR L3 Gerber Vision 053 on the polled end of things. He is a young bull though. Interested to see how his offspring do.
Look at some of the breeders listing of their own sires. For example http://www.efbeef.com/ , they have a interesting group of bulls to choose from. The Hereford AI catalog also list bulls that you can buy semen directly from the owner rather that a Company.
I agree not to limit yourself to just select sires and ABS, lots of good bulls out there. Also, certs or no certs really isn't that big of a deal, most don't reg all the claves that hit the ground. What direction do you want to go with your herd? What is your immediate goal with your herd? An answer to the last, or either question may get you better answers to your question. Other wise you get other folka favorite bull for their needs.

Thanks for the replies everyone. To answer your question Alan we are actually trying to build our herd. We only own 80 acres so we were probably going to try to raise high quality breeding stock and not a beef operation. We actually just got 5 cow/heifer pairs last year. We have a good bull now with pretty good epds but he cant breed the heifers this spring so thats where the ai comes in. Abs and select were the only companies with classes around here thats why I was looking at them. Our genetics are actually from stone ridge manor.
I get some of my semen from ABS because my liquid nitrogen supplier is an ABS rep, no shipping cost. If you pay $100 shipping cost on 5 or 10 straws, that $5 a straw difference isn't so much. Also, I like Progress for my heifers. The calves are light and they spring up on their feet. I haven't used the R413 bull, but I regularly use other Bennetts. I like the 774 x H142 cross. He should have some nice calves, as long you don't mind some white on them. I have a maternal brother to Proficient, sired by 774, that I am very happy with. You should check out the www.efbeef.com site for more info on Proficient and other excellent bulls. The only Ribeye calves I've seen are the three that won the Champion Pen of Three in Denver, and if you can produce some calves like that you will be very happy.
Now that I have read your other post and know you have 1/8 DR World Class in the heifers, I would lean torward Progress also, he is a 242 son and has good CE with a good BW. But I really like the Rib Eye bull also for his carcuss traits ( I have both bulls in my tank... so I like them both). You asked this in your other post. World Class is the heifers great grand sire, I would see very little problem in using Class Act on your heifers. But I would start with a bull like Progress or Legend 242 for your heifers first calves because of the little better ease of calving on first calf heifers. That will also put another generation between World Class and Class Act. Edited: If I recall right, the heifers sire is a World Class grandson.... the cows are not World Class breeding, this is my understanding.

If you used Class Act first you end up with 5/8's World Class breeding, if you wait a generation you get 9/16's. Both okay breedings in my book.

Just my 2 cents,
Once again alan thanks for the advise. You are correct with the genetics of my bull so that info helps out tremendously. I am new to this so I am glad that you guys didnt kill me on some of the bulls I liked. Makes me feel like I am learning somthing from these boards. As for the comment on abs or select they both service my area. I have to buy a tank, ai kit, and semen so I think i will go with a company first since tanks and kits are cheaper through them and they can fill my tank for me. Plus select is giving me 200 bucks off since i paid 350 for the ai class so I am kinda leaning towards them for my first purchase. I looked at that site you listed and aha hereford semen catalog too. They both have impressive bulls. Thanks.
If you decide to use Progress he calves real easy. I think his calves are what I call late bloomers. Give them time to impress you. I cut a bull out of him at turn out because I thought he look like crap compared to the rest. He really bloomed as we got closer to weaning. Heifers were the same way. Last June I would have not kept any but I now will be breeding three or four this spring.

Thanks for all the replies everyone. I am going to go with Progress for my heifers this year. I spoke to the abs guy yesterday and I will have my tank and semen next wed. I am still waiting on selectsires salesman call just to touch base let alone put an order in which he said would take a month. You would think since I went to their ai class last week they would try to get me the things I need. Just goes to show you they dont really care about the little beef guy :cry2: Anyway thanks for all the help :)

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