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Jan 28, 2004
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Who has a opinion on NAFTA? Curious what are the pros and cons if any?
Well Ears said it when he stated if NAFTA passed we would hear a giant sucking sound as jobs left for over seas.
Now anyone wqho has ever done plumbing knows, you don't hear the sound until the last of the water clears the bowl.
Today we are hearing the sound Periot heard years ago.
Now all the politicos that voted for the thing are pointing fingers at each other saying they are responsible for the loss of jobs.
How quickly poloticians and voters forget
I guess what I was most curious about was the trade between Mexico and the U.S.A. ? If cattle comeing in from Mex had to fall under the same guide lines and rules as we do ? Does the USDA inspect cattle comeing as intense as they do going into other country's? I see in the market it look's as if we are still importing faster than exporting. Just curious?

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