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Nov 21, 2015
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west central wi
I was recently talking to a guy who does pasture mulching with a skidsteer. He claims it will eliminate my prickly ash problem, can't even drive over the crap once it's cut down or it will pop tires, and it will increase my grazing ground. Anyone ever done seen or had a mulching job done on there own pasture? Also mentioned a project called graze-on? any one use anything like this either? Thanks
Yes mulching works great. No they should not leave any stumps if it is done right. They cut it to dirt level. You will need to follow up annually with a herbicide like Grazon-Next to keep any thing from coming back.

Mulching is shredding on steroids. They can cut down trees with out disturbing the soil. Like shredding if you do not spray to kill the problem it will be right back.
Picture taking after mulching cedar. It works , I wouldn't say great. You will be left with a carpet of sticks that you still have to drive over. Or even worse walk over. Plan on having to push it up in piles and burn it.

Not sure if some woods are harder than others but the left over mulch was gone with in a year on most of the stuff we mulched. What little was left was not an issue.

I drive miles of pipeline that we mulch at work as they are mulching, then thru construction, and after to risers while the lines are in service. I haven't had any problems with tires. Most of the time Im begging the operators not to cut so deep. They can actually notch the dirt with the mulcher if they want.
down here its the best ever..palmettos are hard to deal with due to the em smooth with a hammer mill...

a brush hog will do some damage also....but def gotta spray after that cuz they just mow to about 2' tall

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