Operation Repo

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Jun 1, 2005
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Middle Tennessee
Has anybody watched this show? It is a reality show where they follow a repo crew around L.A. repo'ing cars. There is this big muscle head named Matt that looks like a prison convict. If I came out and saw this guy taking my car and he got all aggressive like he does on this show I would probably put a bullet in him. I guess this is why the show is out of L.A. because here in TN a big muscle bound guy with a shaved head and lots of tatoos taking your car will get shot. On one show a guy pulled a gun on them and muscle head almost crapped his pants and ran like a girl. Back in the truck he started acting tough again when he was a mile from the threat. Also.....the girl on the show, Sonya, she is so ugly her momma had to tie pork chops around her neck to get the dog to play with her. She is hideous looking with all those tats and piercings.
I've seen that and your description is right on but if you look close you can see Sonya still has the pork chop hidden under her shankle.
Yea Hoss,I watched the show a few times.
What a bunch of missfits. Saw the guy on one ocassion was down on the ground yelling for help cause he was getting his a$$ whipped. What a bragart.
He sure wouldn't last long in this neck of the woods.

If a bunch of Hoodlums showed up here like that. it'd be open season and a lot of holes filled in.That Sonya thang is listed in Websters under Fugly! :D
A repo crew was taking a car that belonged to the son of a neighbor (the lady from up north with more dogs than she can feed). I had no issues except they blocked me from getting in the back way with my trailer. One car was parked on my land - actually tresspassing. They were not going to let me thru. They said something to the effect, "You're just gonna have to wait until we're thru." :mad: :mad: I said "no problem" and parked my truck and trailer right there blocking the road. It is a private road. They asked me what I was doing and I said, "Do you see that backhoe over there on that hill?" He said, "Yes" I said, I am about to go get in it and move these cars off of my property right after I get a few guns out of the house. I don't think they thought I was serious until they saw me fire up the hoe.

They got off of my property before I got there with the hoe. I got the trailer in. I then parked the hoe across my back entry which made it really cumbersome for them.

I don't like that neighbor and really don't like her son. All they had to do was talk to me.
During the oil crunch years back I had to resort to being a repo man in order to feed the kids. 99% of the time all you had to do is ask for the keys. Most people new all you were doing is your job and actually appreciated being treated with respect. The 1% that resisted made the job very interesting to say the least.
My brother was a Jeep/Eagle repo man several years ago. He said the same thing. Most of the time, people knew you were coming and were very cooperative.

I had a girl working for me that kept moving her car around in the hopes that the repo man would stay away. I told her she was just going to have charges filed against her if she didn't give the car back. If you don't pay for it, it doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the bank.
Haven't seen it, I prefer to waste my time here......

Sounds like it's even worse than Dog the bounty hunter. Bunch of woosies. :nod:
grannysoo":23ayac3a said:
Haven't seen it, I prefer to waste my time here......

Sounds like it's even worse than Dog the bounty hunter. Bunch of woosies. :nod:

Talk about a scary looking woman! His wife! She could scare the fleas off my dog.
grannysoo":6jtou5bz said:
Haven't seen it, I prefer to waste my time here......

Sounds like it's even worse than Dog the bounty hunter. Bunch of woosies. :nod:

I don't know about them being woosies but I sure wouldn't want to tick off his wife, she could suffocate you :lol:
I've seen it. It's pretty entertaining.

I liked the one where Matt actually jumps over the fence to go get the car, somebody calls the cops and they come and arrest him for trespassing.

Had to repo a few autos back when I worked at the bank. It was always civil.