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Jan 22, 2007
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I am looking for some suggestions to some of my students to breed their Brangus Show heifers. Looking for a moderate framed, thick rear end, high volume, level hipped, clean sheathed bull with substance of bone, . Also, since they will be showing the resulting progeny temperment is important. one of the heifers is pretty nice, with adequate muscle, bone, volume (spring/arch of rib) but could use a little bit more level hip and a cleaner navel. The other heifer is well balanced but could use more volume, substance of bone and more muscle through the stifle. If I understood correctly the heifers ahve a good it of Pathfinder in their background.

Thanks for your help.
Singletary of Brinks 675R should work good for you. I have a bull out of him that is very gentle.
Sundance of Brinks is another good one. Semen if available from Ultimate Genetics and perhaps other companies as well.