No-till haygrazer on graze out wheat

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I prefer millet due to prussic acid but this was my neighbors deal, he sprayed it, fertilized it, drilled it on a partnership deal.
He knows more than I do so I didn't get in his way
No drilled haygrazer on grazed out oats.
last pic has only been up about a week.

Other 2 pics where planted in late February and have already been grazed once. Going to try to have it rolled if it ever gets dry.
Seed was broadcast with fertilizer on grazed oats. and ran over very fast with a light disk

machslammer":2yiaairn said:
How many # per acre he do? Looks good. So he just lightly disc it in?

Did nothing other than burn down the weeds with glyphosate that were coming up.
Then a couple weeks later planted it with a big Deere no till air seeder.

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