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Dec 30, 2003
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southwest of Houston, Texas
Idle curiosity has got the better of me --- do you know if "Satan" (pictured on your Braunvieh website) was used for draft, or pulling contests, or was he just a "conversation piece". I realize you are an Aussie and Satan was owned by a fellow in the U.S., but thought you might know. Looks like he could have pulled a helluva lot! If my kg to pounds converstion calculation is correct he would have been about 4,589 pounds and 71.4 inches tall at the shoulder. But I guess taters aren't the only thing they grow big in Idaho!
I remember a huge freak Holstein steer that somebody used to travel around with and show in a tent for the price of admission. One of the times he came through Brownwood (it must have been in the mid-70s) we had a big bandoleer of Black Cats left over from the 4th of July. We were sorely tempted to slip it under the edge of that tent and see what kind of excitement we could gin up. Every time we swung by there was somebody inside so we would hold off. We didn't want anybody killed, just thought it would be fun to see what kind of commotion would result. Common sense got the better of us and we decided to call off our plans. That was one huge steer.

We once had a holstine cross steer that went crazy...couldnt catch him.
At 5 years old we shot him from 150 yards and had hin processed.
He made 1650 lbs. of packaged beef. And he was good!
Don't know what he weighed on the hoof, maybe 2700# ?
Filled two big chest freezers.
Packaged for a family of 6, there was only 1 serloin to a package.
1 1/2" thk. would not fit on a BBQ grill without hanging over the edge.
I dont think size or age hurts them as far as eating goes.
I don't really know how heavy he was.
He was well perportioned and didnt show his dairy side except his highth.
His hoolves were as big around as a good sized cantalope and his legs came straight up out of them.
I've never had a breeding bull get as big as that steer got.


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