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Oct 22, 2008
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Marianna Arkansas (East Central)
Going to put up a new fence in the pasture around the house this summer and wondered what everybody liked. Was going to do 5 strand barb wire but wanted field fence with barb wire on top but thought that would be to expensive. Am leaning toward a powerflex fence now with 2 wire and adding more later if i add any goats. Now just cows and horses. What do y'all think? Might be going to MO to to the powerflex place later this week, will I go past any of y'all? Be coming up 63 to West Plains then don't know after that, haven't looked at the map to see where I go from there.
after you go thru west plains you will continue on 63North to 60 west then go to the 2nd Mansfield exit and go north about 200ft and then turn left on the outer road which is F highway then stay on it til you get to the powerflex office

I am about 30 miles south of Mansfield
if you want to keep goats cows an go with the field fence with 1 or 2 strands of barbed wire on top.mind you the field fence is high.but i dont think a hotwire will hold the goats.
bigbull338":3bvmxz5x said:
if you want to keep goats cows an go with the field fence with 1 or 2 strands of barbed wire on top.mind you the field fence is high.but i dont think a hotwire will hold the goats.

5 strands of hot wire keep goats in just fine. Field fence goats will climb and ultimatly destroy
Google Stay-Tuff Fence put in your Zip Code there are dealers in Mo. and Ark. It is a net wire fence made in America in Texas read the information on it. I think you will be impressed on it's products and how they are made. With the savings on posts the construction cost is equal to 5-wire barb.
All we build are woven wire (guessing it is what you are calling field fence) with one barb wire at the bottom and one or two at the top. Hedge corners and brace posts with hedge line posts at least every third one. Some are still standing after nearly 100 years and you wouldn't know the age by looking at them. Those are all hedge posts though. Our problem on adjoining properties with barbed wire fences is keeping the darned sheep from slithering through or under them. My understanding is that an electric fence won't turn a sheep.

Woven wire is expensive to put in, but you only do it once. I can understand the hesitancy to go to that level if you aren't putting in fencing for the following generations. And sure, things can and do happen. Trees fall or the neighbor's bull comes down with an incurable lust for your heifers. I've seen where bulls have flat ruined a section of the best of woven wire you could put up.
I am putting up 2000' of fence right now. I'm using 6 strands of hi-tensile with every other wire hot and every other wire grounded and posts 20' apart. My neighbors raise cattle and pulling horses. They tell me top wire of barbed wire is about useless for turning the horses. I've seen for myself their horses stretch barbed wire like a banjo string reaching for leaves. They claim top wire hot turns them every time. Hi-tensile is a lot cheaper.
Down in Texas where I live electric fences do not work good and you don't see many. The weeds and mesquite grow up in the fences so fast you would have to have a disciplined control program to keep them out of the fences and that would get expensive in the long term. In five years time they are so grown up in mesquite you can't see the fence. Very few ranchers here keep their fence rows clean. The electric coop's do not cut their right of way to the ground because if they did the fence would fall over and the land owner wants the coop to build them a new fence. I retired from a coop and that happened numerous times while I was there.
Im new too this forum and to cattle,but I have had meat goats for 2 years.I started out with 5 strand electric with 2500 volts.It worked good in the summer,but in winter their coats are to long and their out all the time. so i had to put up woven wire.So in short if u are going to have goat use woven wire in my opinion.
Here in Cali The most common fence you see here is either 5 barb wire fence or a field fence with 1-2 strands of wire on top. Either way the goats are gonna find a way through any fence trust me, so if you wanna keep em' in I suggest going with the field fencew/1 or 2 strands of wire with a hotwire running at the bottom.