new calf blood in stool

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Feb 28, 2017
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New here and this is my first calf.

I have a jersey/Holstein cow that delivered her second calf 4 days ago- currently having bloody milk in back two quarters. Vet thinks its busted blood vessels and am currently milking her back quarters twice a day and treated with "today" in both of those quarters. calf is nursing well from front two and happy and playful and was having normal mustard yellow, soft but formed stool. All is well.... However this am noted calf (heifer) to have yellow soft stool but noted two bloody spots in stool. Just small amounts, but still. Is this a concern? calf is acting completely normal, still nursing and playful.
Thanks for the help
thank you all- new calf mama and I worry ;)
baby and mama are both happy and well this morning!

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