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We just had to replace a couple of bulls in our herd with younger ones. We've had them a few days and were fine until we brought one of our other bulls in with them. After the last fight, the fence was broken and they went on a five-mile walk! They are not in with the cows at present for the next couple of months - just on some wheat by themselves. Will this calm down - anything we can do to help it?

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When replacing bulls, it is best to replace all bulls with a group of same age bullss who have been raised together, this will reduce fighting and the destruction caussed by fighting. Any time you add new bull to a herd with an older dominant bull there will be fighting to establish rank and herd dominance, which can lead to costly damage to valuable bulls and or ranch fixtures.

One note, if these bulls are allowed to run with the cow herd, the older dominant bull will sire the most calves in the next calf crop.

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Also put the bull in a small group (about 3) in a paddock. preferably similar age to sort the rank out, then introduce those back into the main bull paddock.

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Good advice! That's what we do...put them together after weaning so they can "grow up" together and sort out "Who's On First". On other hand, we would not put two bulls with heifers or cows at same time. We need to document who bred who for our registration purposes. At the minimum, by letting two bulls grow up together, makes it much easier to haul 2 to Vet in same trailer.
Not much you can do about it, because fight they will, every time. When we bring new cows onto a place we unload them in the lot for a day or two to let them get aquatinted with the new herd, smells, scenery. It tends to settle them down a little and they usually don’t scatter when you turn them out.

With bulls, it doesn’t really help. They will certainly fight as soon as both are in the pasture. Just make sure you and your pickup are out of the way. Amazing how much ground a bull fight can cover and how fast it can happen. It’s fun to watch. But it doesn’t last forever. Generally one will whip the other and from that day on the pecking order will be established. You really wouldn’t want it any other way, as it would indicate a bull who was not vigorous.


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