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Hi, I hope some of you can shed light on my problem... New calf born early this am - rolled under elec wire and hence mum could not continue licking her. I found not long afterwards in a state of increasing hypothermia. Treated hypothermia successfully. However, despite following her mum all day - she has not yet "latched - on" to udder. I ended up bringing both into yards and trying to help little one attach to udder. All fine so long as I helped but she just doesn't seem to be able to manage it alone. I will milk mother and put in bottle for baby tomorrow and hope she eventually takes to udder.

Any suggestions as to why this occurs? Also any suggestions on best course of action would help.

Another q... while mother cow was in head bail in yards, I noticed parts of the cow's leg and shoulders shaking somewhat - does this suggest anything to anyone out there?

Many thanks

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First, I would have stipped the cows udder out and tubed calf to get milk in the calf and boost energy to get temp up, then I would also have confined the pair to a small pen where mom was forced to bond with calf, when calf is hungry it will suck.

Second, on the other cow, sounds like she is shivering, or is triing to bear weight on a sore limb, such as hoof rot or possible puncture.

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Thank you Michelle Yes I did do all of that. I had to tube the colostrum for first 36 hrs. Also put mother in head bails and held calf to udder until it got the idea. After 48 hrs calf finally got the idea.Poor old mamma has udder chafe and have been putting balm on - but she keeps licking it off!

Anyway - all well now and thank you for your response.

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I had a cow like that, but in this case the tremors were very slight. I thought she was having a metabolic problem but the cow had a worried look on her face. ( lol not too sure how to define "worried look" as a medical symptom).

Anyway the vet came out and diagnosed metritis. She had no discharge to hint that was the problem but the infection was beginning to go systemic. A long treatment of antibiotics saved her life.

So my tip is to keep your eyes open and watch her attitude. if she starts to look worse call a vet.

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