needed the camera today

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Jan 31, 2008
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North Arkansas
Went into town today, saw several deer and turkey on the way.Coming home this afternoon saw deer, elk, and a sow bear with three cubs. Them little bear cubs sure are cute little buggers. I never tire of watching them.
Wasn't between 6-8 was it? In the last two days I've seen more animals in this time slot than I've seen all year.
Left home about 9 this mourning and still saw the deer and turkey. Was a bit after 6 when we came back this afternoon Jo. I am going to take some pictures of where i work on the AGF land and post them. I got a great place to work.We planted 100 acres of clover and ochard grass last year and i think ever critter in the country has found it.
I always enjoyed having bears around until I tried to hang a corn feeder for deer. That dampened my enthusiasm somewhat for the bears. As far as I am concerned, Gene Rush can have them all!!!

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